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WG2: Materials development, their processing and characterisation, and computational studies

The rational development of FDCA-based polymeric materials requires the holistic integration of synthesis/design of polyesters (among other polycondensates) and composite materials, their processing and in-depth characterisation; as well as the use of theoretical calculations, to predict and understand structure/properties relationship. This together with the evaluation of performance/viability/sustainability towards market introduction (WG3). Synthesis of polymeric materials and composites preparation are routinely carried out in ‘conventional’ laboratories by some of the individual participants. In the same way, high-tech characterisation techniques and theoretical calculation studies are often carried out by specialised research groups, by some of the individual participants. Also, in general, all these studies are apart from industry and market demands. Their entanglement would build the knowledge needed to deeply understand, develop/design and monitor new high-valuable furan materials.


T2.1 Starting inventory of the current status-quo of FDCA-based polymers and materials. Information will be collected through literature search, patent analysis and, topic-dedicated seminar and/or workshop.

T2.2 Mapping/analysis of the information collected in T2.1 and brainstorming event to create the basis for new/most promissing roots to follow.

T2.3 On-going inventory of the results of WG2 activities (materials & properties).

T2.4. Assessement of the results of WG2 activities (materials & properties, T2.3). Results will be discussed in expert panels to define the most promising polymers and composite materials for further specific characterisation, development under WG3, and/or the technological evolution needed for their successful development.

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WG1: Synthetic Approaches Towards FDCA And Related Monomers

WG3: Applications, Routes Towards Innovation, Market Diffusion And LCA/Sustainability Issues

WG4: Knowledge Transfer, Dissemination, WG's Support And Evaluation


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