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WG3: Applications, routes towards innovation, market diffusion and LCA/sustainability issues

The successful introduction of newly developed FDCA-related products in the market, as part of the development of a sustainable industry, implies the consideration of multiple factors including the most promising applications of FDCA products, the technological, economic, environmental, health and safety demands, as well as the market scenarios. This requires a strong interaction between different actors (organic chemists, materials scientists, techno-viability and LCA experts and industrials- producers, manufactors and recyclers), supported by FUR4sustain Action, and which ultimately will provide a platform for long-lasting cooperation, through joint call activities.


T3.1 Systematic literature review (meta-study where applicable) on potential applications, economic drivers, barriers and environmental impact and safety issues in case of comparative technologies and products, resulting in a survey/report.

T3.2 Techno-economic and environmental assessment. Scaling up modelling of selected processes (from lab to commercial size); followed by ex-ante mass and energy balances as well as emissions will be performed. Additionally, modelling of system scaling up will be done to assess the effects of the introduction of the scaled-up product in the market and environmental impacts.

T3.3 Information collection on marked demands by means of the Kano method and/or an importanceperformance assessment according to the structure of the preliminary results.

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WG1: Synthetic Approaches Towards FDCA And Related Monomers

WG2: Materials Development, Their Processing And Characterisation, And Computational Studies

WG4: Knowledge Transfer, Dissemination, WG's Support And Evaluation


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