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We are pleased to announce that the new STSMs call are now open until 26th May to all subject fields of FUR4Sustain, from WG1 to WG3 domains. The applications will be evaluated according tothe criteria previously established in FUR4Sustain Action (click here for more information) and in compliance with COST rules. The information on “how to apply”, “what are my obligations if I’m accepted” and a comprehensive list of the documents needed to be submitted are on STSMs FUR4Sustain criteria document  and COST Vademecum. Briefly, the following documents should be submitted on e-COST (

        – An invitation letter from the accepting host.

        – A motivation letter.

        – You should check that the dates on the invitation letter, on-line STSM form and motivation letter match. An average cost of 1500 € is planned for this call. Be realistic estimating your travel expenses and subsistence costs.

        – The topic of STSM application should fit in the scope of FUR4Sustain project! Applications that do not fit in the scope of FUR4Sustain will be declined.


Please keep in mind:

Open call: May 12th, 2021

Collection date: May 26th, 2021

Results: Early June 2021

Email for doubts:

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