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ITC Conference Grants

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ITC Conference Grants

ITC Conference Grants consist in a support to presentation of the own work within the FUR4Sustain topic. It is awarded to a Young Researchers and Innovators affiliated in an inclusiveness Target Country / Near Neighbour Country 1 for their participation in high-level conferences.
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When to apply?

Calls for ITC are continuously opened but with specific collection dates. For further inquiries please contact The Grant Awarding Coordinator (

How to apply?

  1.  Applicants must create an e-COST profile at;
    2-After registration, applicants can encode a new application by pressing
    “Apply for grant”.
  2. After encoding the Grant application form by filling all sections, the applicant also
    needs to upload the actual application template completed which shall be previously
    downloaded from the application page. The applicant will need to upload additional
    supporting documentation;
    ITC Conference – supporting documentation:
     ITC Conference grant application (based on e-COST template)
     Copy of the abstract of the accepted oral or poster presentation
     Acceptance letter from the conference organisers
     Other documents required by the Action
  3. After adding the supporting document(s), the applicant can submit the grant

And now What?

Start looking for a high standard conference where your Excellent FUR4Sustain scientific work could be shown and apply!

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