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Prof. Santiago V. Luis

  /  Prof. Santiago V. Luis

Prof. Santiago V. Luis

WG 1 - Synthetic approaches towards FDCA and related monomers

phone: +34 964728239
works in: University Jaume I Avda Sos Baynat s/n Spain Castellon

Santiago V. Luis studied Chemistry at the University of Zaragoza, completed his PhD at the University of Valencia working on mechanistic studies and carried out a postdoctoral work at the University of Pittsburgh under the supervision of Dr. J. Rebek, in Supramolecular chemistry.

After a period at the University of Valencia, obtained an academic appointment at the University Jaume I in Castellón (Spain) where he is currently Professor of Organic Chemistry and Head of the research group in Supramolecular and Sustainable Chemistry. Research areas involve Supramolecular and Biomimetic chemistry and new tools in Sustainable and Green Chemistry, with emphasis in catalysis, biocatalysis and flow chemistry, including catalytic transformations of
sugars into furans and further transformations of furan derivatives.


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