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E. Garcia-Verdugo Cepeda

  /  E. Garcia-Verdugo Cepeda

E. Garcia-Verdugo Cepeda

WG 1 - Synthetic approaches towards FDCA and related monomers

phone: +34 964728751
works in: University Jaume I Avda Sos Baynat s/n E-12071-Castellon. Spain
education: Catedrático de Química Orgánica / Full Professor in Org. Chem. Dpt. of Inorganic and Organic Chemistry Supramolecular and Sustainable Chemistry Group

E. García-Verdugo was born in 1972 in Talavera de Reina, Spain. He obtained his chemistry degree at the University of Valencia (1995) and his PhD in chemistry at the University Jaume I (Spain) in 2001. Then, he worked as a researcher at Nottingham University (UK) under the supervision of M. Poliakoff (until 2004). He returned to Spain and worked as a Ramon y Cajal fellow at University Jaume I until 2009, and then he obtained a permanent position as Cientifico Titular of CSIC at ICP (Madrid) (2009–2010). In 2010, he moved to a permanent academic position at the University Jaume I, where he is Prof. in Organic Chemistry. Currently, he is working on the integration of different so-called enabling techniques (catalysis, polymeric materials, continuous flow processes, microreactors, bio-catalysis, neoteric solvents (ILs, SCFs)) to develop more efficient and greener organic transformations


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