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Prof. Anna Aladjadjiyan

  /  Prof. Anna Aladjadjiyan

Prof. Anna Aladjadjiyan

STSM Coordinator

phone: 0035932630896
works in: Nacionalna Asociacia po Biomasa Antim Parvi 22 Bulgaria Plovdiv

Anna Aladjadjiyan, professor, PhD in Physics, DSc in Agriculture, President of National Biomass
Association. Former Head Department Physics and Mathematics in the Agricultural University -Plovdiv, former Vice-Rector International and Public Relations in the same university.

Publications: 158 scientific papers and 7 teaching manuals and textbooks
Participation in a number of national and international educational & research projects:

Altener, Thermie, PECO, Bulgarian Research Fund, Socrates-Erasmus Institutional Co-ordinator,
European Expert for evaluation of ALTENER proposals in 2002, Quality Culture, Round II and Round III, ISEKI-FOOD (Erasmus Network), 7 th FP: CEUBIOM, AquaTerre, IEE: RADAR, ISEKI For Food, 2012 – 7 th FP –INEMAD, H2020: Bioenergy4Business, BIORES, ENABLING


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