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FUR4Sustain meet at the web 11 March 2020

The first MC web meeting was hold on the last 11 th March in a computer near you! An
overview of the scientific topics addressed in FUR4Sustain COST Action was brilliantly
overviewed by Prof. Santiago V. Luis, Prof. Katja Loos, Prof. Tobias Stern and Prof. Nadia

Prof. Santiago V. Luis from the University Jaume I in Spain (WG1 leader) provided an in-
depth overview about biomass, covering several challenges related to the development of
efficient synthetic routes to FDCA (and related monomers), namely potential sources,
availability and technology available, and its potential for developing furan-based building
block chemicals. Prof. Katja Loos showed us her latest works carried out at her lab in the
University of Groningen (The Netherlands), about enzymatic synthesis and furans. Prof.
Tobias Stern who works in bioeconomy at the University of Graz (Austria) and is also the
WG3 leader showed the first steps for fostering the market introduction of newly developed
FDCA products, namely Techno-Economic Assessment. Finally, Prof. Nadia Lotti from the
University of Bologna (Italy) and WG4 leader talked about knowledge transfer,
dissemination, WGs support and evaluation within FUR4Sustain COST Action.


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